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Illustrations to The Birds of South America

Limited Edition, 1915-16  

From the great unfinished work "The Birds of South America" by Lord Brabourne and Charles Chubb, originally published by John Wheldon & Co. London, 1913. Following the publication of the first volume of "The Birds of South America", World War I and the death of Lord Brabourne intervened to disrupt the publication of Volume 2.  However, 38 hand-colored plates by Henrik Groenvold were completed and distributed in a limited edition of 200 entitled "Illustrations to The Birds of South America" (1915-16).    Each hand colored print is on a sheet 10-1/8" x  12-5/8" (255 x 320 mm).   
Pl. # Plate Description Picture Price
25 Great Grebe



26 Grey-headed Gull



27 D'Orbigny's Seed-Snipe



28 Durnford's Oyster-catcher



29 Cayenne Lapwing, Argentine Lapwing, Chilian Lapwing



30 Western Plover & Falkland Island Plover


31 Giant Snipe



32 Double-striped Thick-knee



33 Ochre-winged Trumpeter



34 Roseate Spoonbill (immature)



35 Roseate Spoonbill



36 Andean Goose, Falkland Island Goose, Ashy-headed Goose



37 White-faced Tree-Duck



38 Chiloe Wigeon



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